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CFOT activities at our booth in the Exhibit Hall at the OTAC Conference give us an opportunity to inform attendees about CFOT as well as how their support raises funds for the scholarships and research grants we award to occupational therapy students and practitioners.


In addition, we met “The Challenge!” Thanks to some very special donors, we had the opportunity to turn the $1,165.00 donated by attendees at this year’s OTAC conference into $3,665.00! This past year, 5 OTAC members pledged to match total donations of at least $500 from conference attendees with an additional $500 each.  


This special challenge allows CFOT to leverage donations made by attendees, a bonus for both them and CFOT. If you would like more information about the Challenge or want to be included as one of these special donors, contact Bonita Kraft, OT/L (

Michele Berro, Bonita Kraft, Linda Florey $500 Challenge

2021 Humanitarian Award - None awarded

2021 CFOT Honored Lecturer John Goodfellow, OTD, OTR/L

2021 Honored Lectureship



The CFOT Honored Lecturer Award recognizes California occupational therapy practitioners who have demonstrated leadership and promoted ideas and visions in occupational therapy for the profession, and a presentation gives them an opportunity to share their insights and knowledge with the OT community at the CFOT Awards Luncheon and Symposium.
CFOT is pleased to announce the 2021 CFOT Honored Lecturer, John Goodfellow, OTD, OTR/L. He is currently the Founder of Goodfellow Occupational Therapy, headquartered in Fresno, CA.
Dr. Goodfellow is most proud of his company working in rural/underprivileged communities in the Central Valley and Salinas Valley. John states, “it has always been my personal vision of ensuring children who need our services will have access to our services. These communities with large migrant farm worker populations, are very under-served. It is one of my greatest satisfaction that these communities have had access to quality OT, SLP and PT services.”
THE CFOT Honored Lecturer Award recognizes California occupational therapy practitioners who have demonstrated leadership and promoted ideas and visions in occupational therapy for the profession, and a presentation gives them an opportunity to share their insights and knowledge with the occupational therapy community.




2021 CFOT Meritorious Service Award - None awared

Conference Fundraising Update


Fundraising activities at the 2019 OTAC conference in Pasadena were a great success! Between the raffle, silent auction, and matching challenge, we made over $5,000 that will be given away toward CFOT scholarships and research grants. Thanks to everyone who donated items for the raffle and silent auction, and to those who participated in these events!


CFOT works all year to secure items for conference fundraising. If you would like to donate something to the 2020 OTAC conference fundraising effort, please contact Danielle Meglio at or Christine Wietlisbach at


Items such as jewelry, gift cards, and gift baskets are especially appreciated, as these are very popular in the raffle and silent auction. This year, a very generous OT even donated a 2-night stay at her mountain cabin in Fawnskin, California! If you would like to discuss a donation to help raise money for scholarships and research, please contact us. Every donation – large and small – is appreciated.


CFOT Booth Activities in the Exhibit Hall The Challenge, Raffle, Silent Auction

Ensuring the Future of CFOT and the Profession of Occupational Therapy

The Legacy Circle is an endowment fund that was established in 2016 to ensure that CFOT can continue to provide scholarships and support OT researchers in California and enhance its growth to advance and promote the profession of occupational therapy into the future.


If you would like to join the CFOT Legacy Circle, make a contribution of $2,500 — in installments over five years or as a lump sum, and you will be recognized as Members of the CFOT Legacy Circle and continue to receive special commendation by CFOT.


The contributions in the endowment fund are invested so they grow in value each year. The earnings from these investments may be used each year to support California OT practitioners and students with scholarships and/or research funds, or it may be reinvested for added growth.


We invite you to contribute and join the esteemed members of the Legacy Circle:


Charter members of the CFOT Legacy Circle:

Michele Berro
Linda Florey

Joyce Fries
Evelyn Jaffe
Susan Knox
Bonita Kraft
Bonnie Nakasuji
Judi Palladino
Heidi Pendleton
Shawn Phipps
Winifred Schultz-Krohn
Julie Shaperman


Please send your full or partial contribution, specified for the Legacy Circle, to:

950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150
Folsom, CA 95630


By joining the CFOT Legacy Circle you will be among a distinguished group making a difference for a lifetime.



  • Janice Matsutsuyu Scholarships
    Kayla Gan – University of Southern California
    Maria Wong – San Jose State University
  • Jaffe Graduate Scholarship
    Paula Shames – San Jose State University
  • Knox-Hirsch Scholarship
    Stefanie Kuizon – University of Southern California
  • Ardith Breton Scholarship
    Teresa Pham – University of Southern California
  • Bonita Kraft Scholarship
    Vanessa ElShamy – University of Southern California
  • Fred Sammons Scholarships
    Samantha Mong – Samuel Merritt
  • Wilma West Scholarship
    Sheila James – West Coast University
    Michele Berro Scholarship in memory of Mary Ann Epstein
    Abraham Ramirez – University of Southern California
  • Frank J. Biehl Opportunity Scholarship
    Marisa Rojo – University of Southern California
  • Chuck Strauch Scholarship
    Brittany Eng – University of Southern California
  • Lisa Test Scholarship
    Katherine Dumangas – University of Southern California
  • In Memorium Scholarship
    Earl Sy – University of Southern California


  • Janice Matsutsuyu Traineeship
    Jason Williams – Grossmont College
  • Los Angeles Consultants Group Traineeships
    David Hernandez – Santa Ana College
    Corynne Ramaker – CBD College
  • CFOT Traineeships
    Hannah Licudine – Stainbridge University


  • Lisa Test Endowed Research Award Combined with the General Research Grant Award
    Roberta (Bobbi) Pineda, Ph.D, OTR/L, CNT
    University of Southern California
    “Increasing Access to the Supporting and Enhancing NICU Sensory Experiences (SENSE) Program among infants hospitalized in California NICUs and their families”
  • Bonita Kraft Research Fund &General Grant Fund
    Chiao-Ju Fang, Ph.D, OTR/L
    San Jose State University
    “The influence of social media usage on participation in daily activities for young adults with disabilities”


  • Cindy Cheung, Briana Bartram, Sarah Fried, Winifred Schultz-Krohn
    “An Investigation of the Supports and Challenges to Community Transportation for Persons with and without Disabling Conditions”
    San Jose State University
  • Lizann Jovanovich, Carly Spina, Pamela Barceros, Ashley Jones, Gina Tucker-Roghi
    “Virtual Visitation: Promoting Social Occupations in Dementia Care”
    Dominican University of California
  • Cassidy McCurdy, Sonia Patino, Julia McMahon, Sophia Hagen, Julia Wilbarger
    “Adults with Sensory Defensiveness and Their Use of Coping Strategies”
    Dominican University of California Grant
  • Lisa Worsham, Sabrina Anne Coh Cezar, Ashley Lorton, Kathleen Osio, Gina Tucker-Roghi
    “Holistic Occupational Therapy Dining Interventions Supporting Individuals with Dementia”
    Dominican University of California
  • Carina Bernier, Emmet King, Winifred Schultz-Krohn
    “Description of sensory processing of infants and toddlers living in a family homeless shelter”
    San Jose State University


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