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CFOT activities at our booth in the Exhibit Hall at the OTAC Conference give us an opportunity to inform attendees about CFOT as well as how their support raises funds for the scholarships and research grants we award to occupational therapy students and practitioners.


In addition, we met “The Challenge!” Thanks to some very special donors, we had the opportunity to turn the $1165.00 donated by attendees at this year’s OTAC conference into $3665.00! This past year, 5 OTAC members pledged to match total donations of at least $500 from conference attendees with an additional $500 each.  

This special challenge allows CFOT to leverage donations made by attendees, a bonus for both them and CFOT. If you would like more information about the Challenge or want to be included as one of these special donors, contact Bonita Kraft, OT/L (


2019 - $500 Challenge Donors

Michele Berro
Richard Bookwalter
Linda Florey
Sue Harris
 Bonita Kraft
Samia Rafeedie

Michele Berro, Bonita Kraft, Linda Florey $500 Challenge
2019 CFOT Humanitarian Award Elyse Gordon

2019 Humanitarian Award

The CFOT Humanitarian Award recognizes individuals or groups who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the philosophical principles of occupational therapy and engaged in significant humanitarian activities. These activities may include:

  • Helping to enhance and maximize the potential of the recipients of occupational therapy services
  • Encouraging and fostering individual responsibility and human dignity
  • Improving health status and enhancing the quality of life
  • Providing a model for community service
  • Creating a healthy society.  

This year, CFOT is presenting the Humanitarian Award to Elyse Gordon, in recognition of her dedication to fostering 140 at-risk babies who have been abandoned or exposed to drugs, as well as her previous roles as general education and special education teacher.


2019 CFOT Honored Lecturer Shawn Phipps, PhD, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA

2019 Honored Lectureship

The CFOT Honored Lecturer Award recognizes California occupational therapy practitioners who have demonstrated leadership and promoted ideas and visions in occupational therapy for the profession, and a presentation gives them an opportunity to share their insights and knowledge with the OT community at the CFOT Awards Luncheon and Symposium.


CFOT is pleased to announce the 2019 CFOT Honored Lecturer, Shawn Phipps, PhD, MS ,OTR/L, FAOTA. He is currently the Chief Quality Officer and Associate Hospital Administrator at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center.


Dr. Phipps will present on “Occupational Therapy and Neuroplasticity Following Traumatic Brain Injury: The CAPE Recovery Model.” He will share the inspirational story of the challenges and triumphs of a patient who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from a motor vehicle accident. The power of Occupational Therapy and Neuroplasticity is described using the CAPE Recovery Model, which requires challenge, action, practice, and evaluation to build new pathways in the brain through the ordinary and extraordinary activities of daily life that support recovery so that individuals with traumatic brain injury and other disorders of the brain can live life to its fullest. You will experience laughter, tears, and joy as you hear the effect of occupational therapy and neuroplasticity in supporting recovery and beyond after a lifechanging
injury to the brain.


2019 CFOT Meritorious Award Julie Shaperman

2019 CFOT Meritorious Service Award

The CFOT Meritorious Service award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional service over five or more years as a current or past member of the CFOT Board and has made a major impact on advancing CFOT’s mission and the profession in the present and into the future.


CFOT is honored and privileged to pay tribute to and present the Meritorious Service Award to Julie Shaperman, MSPH, OTR/L, FAOTA. After nearly 40 years of sustained commitment to the California Foundation of Occupational Therapy, Julie recently resigned from her position as Vice President in November 2018. Julie has always been and always will be a profound leader in the CFOT. She has been the “rock,” the “pillar,” and the original inspiration for, and one of the founders, of the California Foundation for Occupational Therapy.


Conference Fundraising Update


Fundraising activities at the 2021 OTAC conference in Pasadena were a great success! Between the raffle, silent auction, and matching challenge, we made over $5,000 that will be given away toward CFOT scholarships and research grants. Thanks to everyone who donated items for the raffle and silent auction, and to those who participated in these events!


CFOT works all year to secure items for conference fundraising. If you would like to donate something to the 2020 OTAC conference fundraising effort, please contact Danielle Meglio at or Christine Wietlisbach at


Items such as jewelry, gift cards, and gift baskets are especially appreciated, as these are very popular in the raffle and silent auction. This year, a very generous OT even donated a 2-night stay at her mountain cabin in Fawnskin, California! If you would like to discuss a donation to help raise money for scholarships and research, please contact us. Every donation – large and small – is appreciated.


CFOT Booth Activities in the Exhibit Hall The Challenge, Raffle, Silent Auction

Ensuring the Future of CFOT and the Profession of Occupational Therapy

The Legacy Circle is an endowment fund that was established in 2016 to ensure that CFOT can continue to provide scholarships and support OT researchers in California and enhance its growth to advance and promote the profession of occupational therapy into the future.


If you would like to join the CFOT Legacy Circle, make a contribution of $2,500 — in installments over five years or as a lump sum, and you will be recognized as Members of the CFOT Legacy Circle and continue to receive special commendation by CFOT.


The contributions in the endowment fund are invested so they grow in value each year. The earnings from these investments may be used each year to support California OT practitioners and students with scholarships and/or research funds, or it may be reinvested for added growth.


We invite you to contribute and join the esteemed members of the Legacy Circle:


Charter members of the CFOT Legacy Circle:

Michele Berro
Linda Florey
Evelyn Jaffe
Susan Knox
Bonita Kraft
Bonnie Nakasuji
Judi Palladino
Heidi Pendleton
Shawn Phipps
Winifred Schultz-Krohn
Julie Shaperman


Please send your full or partial contribution, specified for the Legacy Circle, to:

950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150
Folsom, CA 95630


By joining the CFOT Legacy Circle you will be among a distinguished group making a difference for a lifetime.


Front row: Melissa Luong, Jhennylyn Rivera, Maureen Johnson, Hannah Na, Teresa Cao Back row: Serina Murphy, Elysia Aguero, Amy Lee


  • Janice Matsutsuyu Scholarships
    Maureen Johnson - Walden University
    Hannah Na - University of Southern California
  • Jaffe Graduate Scholarship
    Elysia Aguero - Cal State University Dominguez Hills
  • Knox-Hirsch Scholarship
    Emma Rogers - Stanbridge University
  • Ardith Breton Scholarship
    Yushi Wang - University of Southern California
  • Bonita Kraft Scholarship
    Sara Delucchi - Dominican University of California
  • Fred Sammons Scholarships
    Kristin McConnell - University of Southern California
    Serina Murphy - San Jose State University
  • North Coast Medical Scholarship
    Laura Figuero - Texas Women's University
  • Wilma West Scholarship
    Bhagyashri Severson - Dominican University of California
  • Dr. Martin Shaperman Scholarship
    Emily Raugh - Loma Linda University
  • Michele Berro Scholarship in memory of Mary Ann Epstein
    Serena Hobson - University of Southern California
  • Every Child Achieves, Inc. Scholarship
    Teresa Cao - Cal State University Dominguez Hills
  • Frank J. Biehl Opportunity Scholarship
    Melissa Luong - Loma Linda University
  • Chuck Strauch Scholarship
    Amy Lee - Cal State University Dominguez Hills
  • Edwina Marshall Scholarship
    Jhennylyn Rivera - Loma Linda University
Briana Thomas, Sayoko Huff, Donald Millares, Aubrey Enriquez


  • Janice Matsutsuyu Traineeship
    Briana Thomas - Grossmont College
  • Los Angeles Consultants Group Traineeships
    Irina Rudometkina - Sacramento City College
    Marisa Lattin-LeBlanc - American Career College
    Donald Millares - CBD College
  • CFOT Traineeships
    Sayoko Huff - Santa Ana College
    Aubrey Enriquez - Stanbridge University
Aviril Sepulveda, Yuko Mori, Janice Kishi Chow



  • Luis Arabit Research Grant in memory of Consuelo & Marialuz Arabit
    Yuko Mori, OTR/L
    Loma Linda University
    "Exploring the effect of occupational therapy and horticulture for cancer survivors with chronic pain"
  • Dr. Robert B. Jaffe, Women's Health Research Grant & General Grant Fund
    Aviril Sepulveda, OTD, OTR/L
    Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
    "After the NICU: Using pictures to share mothers' experiences, perspectives, and needs"
  • Bonita Kraft Research Fund & General Grant Fund
    Janice Kishi Chow, OTD, OTR/L
    Texas Women's University
    "Utilization of occupational therapy in end of life care"



  • Amy Tan, Crystal Lee, Samantha Schauer, & Yarelli Vargas
    "Are all instrumental activities of daily living equal?: A correlational study on the performances of adults with acquired brain injury"
    Dominican University of California
  • Elena Vacaro, Camille Schilling, & Hwa Chae
    "Focused occupational therapy interventions for clients with heart failure in skilled nursing facilities"
    Dominican University of California
  • Suzanne Walter, Mimi Stroud, Courtney Stonesifer, & YK Liao
    "San Jose State University occupational therapy program Toyota autonomous vehicle project"
    San Jose State University
  • Cecelia Ly-Peh, Jan Martha Conducto, & Natalie Barrales
    "Translating evidence based mental health interventions in a skilled nursing facility environment"
    Dominican University of California
  • Jessica Perez, Kimiko McNiell, Monica Ondriezek, Aimee Penaloza, & Jennifer Ohara
    "Capturing the history of the occupational therapy program at San Jose State University: A narrative analysis of the perspectives and experiences of chairs"
    San Jose State University
  • Emily Tunnat, Claire Mueller, Lauren Nguyen, & Sierra Minton
    " Older adults' knowledge and attitudes about fall prevention"
    San Jose State University
  • Kristen Gallegos, Millie Book, Nina Caudill, Vanessa Weaver, & Jed Dacquigan
    "Social networks and friendships in people with autism spectrum disorder"
    San Jose State University
  • Christina Harvey, Lauren DeBoer, Heather Eads, Lani Hanson, & Karen Hefter
    "The relationship between emotional well-being, sensory processing, and sleep in older adults"
    San Jose State University
  • Emily Winter, Carina Mena, Alison Roozeboom, Lisa Vu, & Erica Yee
    "The experience of homeless mothers participating in occupational therapy leisure craft groups"
    San Jose State University
  • Diana Villasenor Rodriquez, Michelle Agbayani, Kayla Armstrong, Gaby Belmonte, Kaysha Dorsey, & Serina Murphy
    "Simulation laboratory experience compared to didactic teaching effects on interdisciplinary social problem-solving in graduate occupational therapy students"
    San Jose State University
  • Grace Bishop, Lisbeth Geersten, Trina Godwin, Madeline Horn, & Cathy Li
    "Parents' perceptions of risky play"
    San Jose State University
  • Sara Laughter, Christine Kim, Vanessa Mitchell, & Nhu Nguyen
    "The link between sensory modulation, anxiety, and interoception in typical adults"
    Dominican University of California


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